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P300 Patriot® Cone Crusher by Superior Industries

Patriot® Cone Crusher

Besides a strong commitment to service and convenient access to wear parts, the patented Patriot Cone Crusher is recognized for rugged structural integrity and high-grade components. Internally, bronze bushings are used for all load-bearing parts and critical components are cast of high-grade steel, exceeding existing standards.

Superior engineers uniquely designed high throw and high-pivot point crushing performance to achieve strong production rates at a low cost per ton. For protection from costly structural damage, each Patriot Cone Crusher is equipped with fail-safe hydraulics to defend the unit against damaging mechanical overload. Additionally, standard relief valves within the dual acting tramp relief cylinders provide immediate, alternative protection should the accumulator fail.

The Patriot Cone Crusher is now backed by the industry’s first Lifetime Warranty for the major crusher components.



Patriot®Cone Crusher - raised cone head seating surface

Designed with fewer accumulators for less maintenance. Automatic pressure relief valve adds additional protection.

Machined surface can be reconditioned up to 3X without need for additional welding.

Other than minor wear parts, design requires no major change outs when transitioning from secondary and tertiary applications.

Movement of feedplate creates a more active feed opening, drawing more material into cavity with fewer plugs.

If loss of clamping pressure, this unique rotation causes crusher to open rather than turn down, tighten and cause significant damage.

Vantage Automation

for Patriot Cone Crushers
  • Automatically maintain optimum production conditions
  • One button auto-start or auto-stop
  • Always starts or stops in correct sequence
  • Learn operation in minutes
  • Alarms alert operators of adverse conditions
Vantage Automation for the Patriot Cone Crusher by Superior Industries

An interview with Bryan Weiss, Superior Automation Manager.

An interview with Matt Gerten, Applications Manager at Superior.


Patriot Cone Crusher | Models

Head Diameter
Max Feed
P20019,485383/8 – 29.3200
P30035,340443/8 – 210.6300
P40053,200523/8 – 212.2400
P50074,000593/8 – 213.5500
P600112,685593/8 – 214600
Head Diameter
Max Feed
P2008,82597010 – 50236150
P30016,0251,11710 – 50270225
P40024,1251,32010 – 50310300
P50033,5501,50010 – 50343375
P60051,1001,50010 – 50356450
*Weight rounded to the nearest 25 kg.

Lifetime Warranty

The only crush you’ll have for life.

Superior engineers quality and durability. For that reason, we’re now including an optional limited lifetime warranty with all new Patriot® Cone Crushers.

Superior Industries