Helix® Cyclone

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A slurry material is pressurized and fed near the top of the cone-shaped cyclone. Heavier, coarser product is flung to the outside while the finer particles collect in the center where a constant syphoning effect is taking place. This pulls the finer waste product out through the overflow pipe. Salable product is discharged through the apex at the bottom.

Unless replacing an existing product, cyclones are traditionally sold as part of a larger package like within a Spirit® Sand Plant or alongside a dewatering screen.

We offer two models of hydrocyclones depending on your application. The first — for fines recovery — is manufactured of 100% cast urethane and is typically designed for about a 400 mesh cut (37 µm).

The other model is for sand production applications. It’s constructed of a steel shell lined internally with urethane and makes its cut around 170 mesh (88 µm).


advantage helix cyclone 01 feed pipe

Feed Pipe

Square to round-shaped transition is manufactured with high wear urethane.

advantage helix cyclone 02 inlet design

inlet design

Geometrically efficient inlet reduces feed turbulence to improve classification and lower internal wear. (Patent Pending)

advantage helix cyclone 03 vortex finder

vortex finder

Prevents short-circuiting (less misplacement of coarse material to the overflow.)

advantage helix cyclone 04 apex design

apex design

Custom-cut for quick, in-the-field application adjustments. (Patent Pending)

Helix Cyclones in Application

Helix Cyclone MODELS

Fines Recovery Model of Helix Cyclone | Superior Industries

Fines recovery model

12” or 16” (305 – 406mm)
100% cast urethane
Lasts longer than steel
Lightweight for handling

Sand Production Model | Helix Cyclone | Superior Industries

sand production model

16” – 30” (406 – 762mm)
Steel shell for support
Cast urethane liners
Lasts longer than rubber

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