Stationary Stacking Conveyors

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You’ve seen one stationary stacker you’ve seen them all … right? Not so fast! Superior’s custom-designed stationary or fixed stacking conveyors undergo performance-matched engineering so it’s structurally sound in your application.

Our most unique assets are the idlers, pulleys and conveyor-related accessories assembled to the structure. While most conveyor manufacturers outsource parts production, Superior uses our own ingredients. From head to tail, our stackers are 100% Superior.

Stationary Stacking Conveyors In Application

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Stock Inventory

Most of the time, we rely on our dealers to stock Superior equipment. However, we typically have a small amount of factory stock.

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Service & Parts

We always have been and always will be a privately-owned company. That means we can add more employees to our customer service team without Wall Street breathing down our neck. Isn’t that the way it should be?

dealer support

They’re the same neighbors you’d trust to babysit your dog on the weekend. Our factory-trained dealers are a local connection for sales, service and parts.

phone support

Staffed by agents born to serve others, you’re welcome to call our technical service team 24/7/365. (If you call in the middle of the night, we can’t guarantee they’re in uniform!)

replacement parts

You know the old saying…”square pegs don’t fit in round holes?” It’s often the case with knock-off parts. Genuine Superior parts are forged from the same steel as our equipment

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