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While most conveyor manufacturers outsource parts production, Superior uses our own ingredients in our conveying equipment.

All the idlers, pulleys, scrapers and accessories — basically the operating components of your conveyor — are designed and built right here. From head to tail, our conveyors are 100% Superior.


Belt Splicing

Which Method is best?

When determining which splicing method is best the operator must consider the benefits of the two common methods.


However you rock

we roll

Idlers That Last 3x Longer
in Tough Situations

Not long ago, idlers were simply separated by thickness, width and weight. Other than the paint color, originality didn’t really exist.

Then, Superior invented application-specific seals to extend idler life in tough conditions like wet, dry, overland and slurry.

Application-Specific Idler Seals | Superior Industries
Rock Face to Load Out logo-300px

What is Rock Face to Load out?

For almost 50 years, Superior manufactured the conveying equipment to feed, transfer and stockpile dry bulk materials. We earned a reputation for innovation, durability and convenience because of our conveyors.

Meanwhile, our customers groaned for a better brand of service for their crushing, screening and washing equipment. The existing manufacturers of this processing equipment stopped being innovative, stripped away durability and were famously inconvenient to work with.

In the middle part of the 2010’s, Superior launched an aggressive strategy to improve the reliability and performance of the machinery between the conveyors. Today, we’re building the finest line of crushing, screening and washing equipment in the world, which is sparking continuous improvement of our traditional conveyors.

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