Guardian® Horizontal Screen

Maximize Your Rock Screening Efficiency

Superior’s vibratory horizontal screens are designed with satisfied owners in mind. That means every inch is consistently under investigation for improvement opportunities.

Repeatable quality is achieved during manufacturing thanks to work instructions at every stage, robotic assistance, and use of clean, shot-blasted steel to achieve higher quality welds and paint.

Our goal is best in class screening and that requires our constant attention!

Phenomenal Screen performance

Anderson Brothers is working in a leased gravel pit and needs maximum production before their time on the property runs out. Their Guardian Screen Plant was designed and built just for the job

Anderson Brothers Construction Adds Guardian® Horizontal Screen



Modern Spring Arrangement

Surge dampening calms start up and shut down, while bottle jack lifting points simplify maintenance.

Feature02 - Guardian Screen - Moisture Proof Manufacturing

Moisture-Proof Manufacturing

Since so many screen machines go to wet applications, our sealing and anti-corrosion components are industry leading.

Feature03 - Guardian Screen - Uniform Manufacturing

Uniform Manufacturing

Work instructions at every stage, highest quality welding, robotic assistance, and inline assembly for consistent construction.

Feature04 - Guardian Screen - Fabricated I-beam

Fabricated I-Beam

Creates the highest strength-to-weight ratio so you can put more rock shaking action into your screens.

How Does A Horizontal Screen Work?

Horizontal screens operate at a relatively flat angle usually less than 10°. A series of shafts produce a vibrating effect, which moves the material down the length of the screen.

Larger material stays on the top deck while smaller rocks and stones fall through up to four layers of uniquely sized screen media. The result is segregation by screen opening size.

Horizontal vs. Inclined Screens

Horizontal Screen

Uses oval throw to move material

Most accurate particle sizing

Accommodates heavier bed depths

Low height is great for portability

More complex drive system

Inclined Screen

Uses gravity to move material

Typically lower capital expenditure

Processes higher capacities

Usually mounted in stationary plants

Simple design, easy to operate

See Anthem Inclined Screens »

Local Stock. Local Support. Local Experts!


Guardian® Horizontal Screen: Best in Class Features

Walk around the screen with us to see our most unique features.

Guardian® Horizontal Screen: Best in Class Manufacturing Practices

Tour our rock screening manufacturing plant to see what best in class means.

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Guardian® Horizontal Screens: Best in Class for Wet Applications

We put more horizontal shakers into wet applications than anyone else.



Compare Guardian Screens

(ft x ft)
w/base and mtr
5162-TH3225 x1616,75025
5163-TH3235 x1618,75030
6162-TH3226 x1617,20040
6163-TH3236 x1620,50040
6202-TH3226 x 2019,25040
6203-TH3236 x 2023,50040
6204-TH3846 x 2028,50050
7202-TH3827 x 2024,00050
7203-TH3837 x 2029,40050
8202-TH3828 x 2025,50050
8203-TH3838 x 2031,50050
8204-TH4048 x 2039,75060
(mm x mm)
w/base and mtr
5162-TH3221,562 x 4,9007,61418.6
5163-TH3231,562 x 4,9008,52322.3
6162-TH3221,930 x 4,9007,81829.8
6163-TH3231,930 x 4,9009,31829.8
6202-TH3221,930 x 6,1158,75029.8
6203-TH3231,930 x 6,11510,68229.8
6204-TH3841,930 x 6,11512,95537.2
7202-TH3822,235 x 6,11510,90937.2
7203-TH3832,235 x 6,11513,36337.2
8202-TH3822,540 x 6,11511,59137.2
8203-TH3832,540 x 6,11514,31837.2
8204-TH4042,540 x 6,11518,06844.7
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