Guardian® Horizontal Screen

Guardian® Horizontal Screen by Superior Industries

Size & Separate

Screens are historically available in two configurations: horizontal or inclined. The Guardian Horizontal Screen, as the name states, falls under a “horizontal” screen configuration.

After primary crushing, material usually moves to a screening stage where it is sized and separated ahead of further crushing or — in some cases — final stockpiling.

Horizontal screens operate at a relatively flat angle usually less than 10°. A series of shafts produce a vibrating effect, which moves the material down the length of the screen.

Larger material stays on the top deck while smaller rocks and stones fall through up to four layers of uniquely sized screen media. The result is segregation by screen opening size.

Horizontal screens are typically used in portable or mobile equipment, where clearance is an issue, or in applications requiring the most accurate sizing of materials.

  • 2, 3 or 4-deck configurations
  • Maximum material size up to 10” (254mm)
  • General sizing from 6” (150mm) to 1/8” (3mm)

Bottle Jack Lifting

No cranes or loaders needed for safer spring maintenance or replacement.


Access Doors

Hinged to prevent misplacement, these bolt-locking doors offer convenient maintenance.


Belt Guard

Segmented for one person access to sheave and flywheel without completely removing guard.


Torsion Arm Tensioner

Conveniently integrated and easy access for drive belt tensioning.


Spring Bases

Bolted in design eases replacement during maintenance.


gear case sealing

Best-in-class industrial sealant protects bearings and gears from water.

How we differ – GUARDIAN Horizontal Screen

Historically, there haven’t been many differentiating features between horizontal screen manufacturers. “A screen is a screen,” the market would say. We’re working hard to change that perception. Watch our vibratory product manager help show how Superior is different.

Guardian® Horizontal Screen - Best in Class Features
Guardian® Screen - Best in Class Manufacturing Practices
Guardian® Screen - Best in Class for Wet Applications
Guardian® Screen - Best in Class Service & Support

Guardian Horizontal Screen


video ANIMATION – GUARDIAN Horizontal Screen

Guardian® Horizontal Screen Animated Features

This animation offers an inside look at the features and benefits.

Horizontal vs Inclined Screens

Horizontal Screen

Better stratification and separation

Larger stroke

Higher G-Forces

Uses oval throw to move material

60-65’ per minute (18-20m)

Heavier bed depths

More efficient (90% – 95%)

Low height for great portability

Inclined Screen

Typically more weight

Smaller stroke

Lower G-Forces

Uses gravity to move material

85-100’ per minute (25-30m)

Higher capacity

75% – 80% efficient

Usually mounted stationary

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Stock Inventory

Most of the time, we rely on our dealers to stock Superior equipment. However, we typically have a small amount of factory stock.

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