Rubber Return Rolls

idler style rubber R Disc Return Roll Idler

Pound for Pound

In a troughing position, rubber idlers are typically utilized at the tail end of the conveyor, because they absorb any shock caused by falling material. Without rubber-coated rolls in these transition zones, belting will prematurely wear.

In a conveyor belt’s return position, rubber rolls shed sticky material to help prevent belt tracking issues. Secondly, rubber also generates more friction between the roll and the belt to grip the belt more effectively for better belt tracking.

Lastly, rubber will not break down as quickly as steel in corrosive environments.

Rubber Return Styles

Disc Style Rubber Roll | Superior Industries

Disc Style

Rubber tires placed throughout roll length; typically used in aggregate applications.

Vulcanized Style Rubber Roll | Superior Industries

Vulcanized Style

Rubber vulcanized directly to the entire roll; typically used in mining applications.

Polyurethane Outlasts Rubber

Upgrade to Urathon® Return Rolls for the longest-lasting return rolls.


Rubber Idler Styles


Rubber Equal Troughing Idlers | Superior Industries

Rubber Equal

Three identical-length rolls for 90% of applications.

Idler style rubber Unequal troughing Idler Frame_rubber Superior

Rubber Unequal

Wide center roll for flat belt applications where material is sorted or picked.

Idler style rubber Offset Center Roll Idler Frame_Rubber by Superior Industries

Rubber Offset Center

Often used in grain handling, the center roll position eliminates a pinch point to protect the belt.

Idler style rubber C5-20P-36_feeder picking Idler frame_rubber by Superior Industries

Rubber Feeder/Picking

Wide center roll for flat belt applications where material is sorted or picked.

Rubber Flat Carrier Troughing Idler | Superior Industries

Rubber Flat Carrier

100% flat belt applications where the belt does not form a trough.

Idler style rubber Channel Mount Low Profile Idler Frame_rubber by Superior Industries

Rubber Low Profile

Available in a standard or channel frame mount for applications with height restrictions.

Idler style rubber Wire Rope Idler Frame_C5-35EW-36_rubber Superior

Rubber Wire Rope

Offset center roll with a frame designed for underground wire rope installations.

Idler style rubber Variable Pitch Idler_Rubber - Superior

Rubber Variable Pitch

Adjustable height outside rolls designed to protect belts from sharp transitions.


idler style rubber R Disc Return Roll Idler

Rubber Disc Return Roll

Single roll for applications with no previous
maintenance issues.

Idler style rubber V Return Idler Frame - Superior

Rubber V-Return roll

Manage high capacities while aligning the belt on long distance overland conveyors.

Idler style rubber live shaft Fixed Idler Roll_rubber by Superior Industries

Rubber fixed roll

Fixed to the roll, the shaft rotates with the idler and usually used as carriers on feed conveyors.

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The Next Generation Idlers

After decades of field testing and refinement, the next generation of idlers is here.

Superior just completed the biggest idler redesign of your lifetime. Millions have been invested in automated and modern manufacturing.

Reduce maintenance, reduce failure, and protect the belt. Get Superior-built steel idlers made to size for your specific application.

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