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We’re absolutely honored our customers choose to partner with Superior Industries and do not take your investment in us for granted.

Our commitment to customers is a big deal…we aspire to be industry leaders. That means daily tasks to improve our systems and the quality of our product. We measure both very closely so we can recognize trends and immediately address challenges.

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Call Customer Service Hotline or request support by completing the form below and we will follow up shortly.

Go Right to The Top

While there is an expectation here to be the best — and our employees are born and expected to serve others — we know there will be moments when we come up short.

Please, tell us about your experiences — both the good and the bad — so we know what works and understand what to do better.

Jason Adams

Jason Adams
[email protected]
+1 (320) 589-7491

Aftermarket Accountability

These functions are within the responsibilities of our customer service department.
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What is Customer WOW?

At Superior, we define Customer WOW! as our unique ability to address our customers’ needs authentically, thoughtfully and unexpectedly.

Our interactions with buyers of our products are not simply business transactions. They are moments that allow us to exceed expectations and differentiate from our competition.

Engagement Rules

Each department in our company is equipped with a service manual that guides their daily actions with customers and colleagues. Here are the engagement rules we follow in customer service:

Friendly WOW!
We promote happy, helpful employees at Superior. Each of our employees starts and ends each day with a passion to serve our customers.

Satisfaction WOW!
We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work. If not, let us know promptly and we will work to get it right.

Response WOW!
Between us, we will agree on a response time. If we fail to meet the goal we set together, tell us.

Instruction WOW!
It is our job to help you understand how to operate and properly maintain your products.

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