Cone Crushers

Versatile Cone Crushing

What’s best for your cone crushing application, your crews, and your local market or mine? You know better than we do, which is why Superior now offers a menu of cone crushers so you get what you want!

It’s a solutions-based approach to cone crusher design and manufacturing. Instead of forcing customers to make a choice on one model, you get three options from a single American manufacturer.

Patriot Cone Crusher | P400 Patriot Cone Crusher | Secondary Crusher

Patriot® Cone Crusher

Design Configuration

Range of Models
200 – 600 HP (150 – 450 kW)
(Includes a P800 model for mining applications)

Maximum Feed Opening
14” (356mm)

Maximum Capacity
540 STPH (490 MTPH)

Maximize horsepower/ton
Strong performance in fine crushing
High tolerance for misapplication
Largest install base

Dakota Cone Crusher

Design Configuration

Range of Models
350 HP (260 kW)

Maximum Feed Opening
12” (305mm)

Maximum Capacity
460 STPH (415 MTPH)

Most efficient horsepower/ton
Work well on portable chassis
Simplified oil lubrication system
Performance in all applications

Endeavor Cone Crusher

Design Configuration
Spider Bushing

Range of Models
300 HP (225 kW)

Maximum Feed Opening
17-3/4” (450mm)

Maximum Capacity
550 STPH (500 MTPH)

Large range of feed size
Easy to operate and maintain
Adjustable stroke for fine tuning
Simplified hydraulic overload system

Get the cone crusher you want.

Three Cone Crushers from Superior Industries

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