RazerTail® Truck Unloader

Preserve Spec From Truck to Stockpile

Superior’s low profile RazerTail Truck Unloader quickly and easily transfers material from belly dump or end dump trucks onto a conveyor for stockpiling or to another truck, railcar or barge. The portable unloading system can be moved, set up and running in just a couple of minutes.

Today’s portability trend is affecting every aspect of material handling: loading and unloading, processing, stockpiling and transport. Quite simply, there’s an obvious advantage in combining highly portable plants with highly portable support equipment.

Portable truck unloading systems improve cycle times, increase safety, minimize loader use and guarantee product quality by removing any extra handling of material. Plus, when RazerTail Truck Unloaders are used in combination with telescoping radial stacking conveyors, the payback is even greater in product quality control and cost-per-ton savings.

  • Up to 8” (203mm) material lumps
  • Capacities up to 2,000 STPH (1,814 MTPH)
  • Truck cycle times of 2-3 minutes

Features & Benefits


Drive Over Grates

Bolt-on grates are easy to remove for maintenance within the hopper section.


Self-Cleaning Ramps

Patented ramps automatically or manually dump any leftover material into hopper.


Wrap Drive

Accessible from the ground, the pulleys create better tensioning and reduced spillage.


Adjustable Height Discharge

Hydraulically adjust the height of the head pulley to hit a variety of transfer targets.



Inverted design protects folding conveyor cylinder rods from debris during operation.


Truss Frame

Robust design is less prone to bending, which is common in channel frame designs.

Popular Applications for RazerTail Truck Unloaders

Maintain spec from truck to stockpile

Feed ship loading equipment

Directly feed barges or railcars

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