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Clean Up Your Material Transfer

Designed to streamline material handling, Superior’s RazerTail Truck Unloader swiftly transfers dry bulk materials from dump trucks to other conveyors, barges, railcars, and more.

With a direct transfer from truck to target, these systems will eliminate costly re-handling and maintain the precise quality of your material. Your precious materials never touch the ground!

Today’s portability trend affects every aspect of material handling, so there’s an obvious advantage in combining highly portable plants with highly portable support equipment like the RazerTail Truck Unloader. The one piece, low profile package can be positioned, set up, and running in just a couple of minutes.


Truck to Stacker

Truck to Barge

Truck to Ship Loader

Truck to Railcar

Efficient Material Transfer

Along New York’s famous Hudson River, haul trucks dump 50 to 70-ton loads into a RazerTail Truck Unloader, which feeds a barge-loading TeleStacker® Conveyor.

Carver Companies Loads Barges with Superior TeleStacker® Conveyor


Feature01_RazerTail Truck Unloader_Self-Cleaning Ramps

Self-Cleaning Ramps

Hydraulically-controlled ramps automatically or manually dump any leftover material into the hopper. (Patented)

Feature02_RazerTail Truck Unloader_Hydraulic Powerfold

Hydraulic Powerfold

An inverted cylinder design seals and protects valuable cylinder rods from collecting debris during operation. (Patented)

Feature03_RazerTail Truck Unloader_Wrap Drive Configuration

Wrap Drive Configuration

Accessible from ground level for maintenance, the combination of pulleys creates better tensioning to reduce spillage.

Feature04_RazerTail Truck Unloader_Adjustable Height Discharge

Adjustable Height Discharge

Hydraulically adjust the height of the head pulley to hit a variety of transfer targets.

Local Stock. Local Support. Local Experts!


TeleStacker® Conveyor and RazerTail® Truck Unloader Loading Ships in FL

At a port in Florida, a pair of RazerTail Truck Unloaders work around the clock to transfer wood chips from truck to ship.

RazerTail® Truck Unloader at Progressive Rail

High value frac sand transfers directly from belly dump trucks to rail cars at this transloading facility in Minnesota.



Compare RazerTail Truck Unloaders

Max Material
Size (in)
Cycle Time
Grate Unload
Area (ft)
Weight at Axle
48” (fixed height discharge)1,0004 minus3.0 / 30 Short Tons10 x 516,100
48” (with adjustable discharge)1,0004 minus3.0 / 30 Short Tons10 x 519,500
48” Haul Truck1,0006 minus3.0 / 30 Short Tons10 x 522,000
48″ Dual Lane1,0004 minus3.0 / 30 Short Tons10 x 5NA
72”*1,5004 minus2.5 / 30 Short Tons10 x 727,000
72” Haul Truck*2,0008 minus2.5 / 40 Short Tons10 x 731,400
72″ Dual Lane*1,5004 minus2.5 / 30 Short Tons10 x 737,600
Max Material
Size (mm)
Cycle Time
Grate Unload
Area (m)
Weight at Axle
1,219mm (fixed height discharge)907Minus 1013.0 / 27 Metric Tonnes3 x 1.57,300
1,219mm (with adjustable discharge)907Minus 1013.0 / 27 Metric Tonnes3 x 1.58,845
1,219mm Haul Truck907Minus 1523.0 / 27 Metric Tonnes3 x 1.59,980
1,219mm Dual Lane907Minus 1013.0 / 27 Metric Tonnes3 x 1.5NA
1,828mm*1,339Minus 1012.5 / 27 Metric Tonnes3 x 2.112,245
1,828mm Haul Truck*1,339Minus 1012.5 / 36 Metric Tonnes3 x 2.114,250
1,828mm Dual Lane*1,339Minus 1012.5 / 27 Metric Tonnes3 x 2.117,050
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