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Within a conveyor load zone, one of the leading causes of spillage is when a belt sags between the idlers. Our innovative and easy to install Sealing System closes this gap and creates a tight seal between the belt and skirting.

If you’ve been around conveyors long enough you know that spillage is one of the most common drawbacks of material handling systems. While it can come from any area of a conveyor, the load or transition zone is especially prone to piles of fugitive material.

Spillage from the load zone generates dust, contaminates your material, damages components and — in some cases — safety hazards are created when it covers walkways or free-falls from elevated conveyors.

  • Cartridges 5” or 10” (127 – 254mm)
  • Belt widths 24” – 72” (609 – 1,728mm)
  • Fits to CEMA C or D idler frames

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Features & Benefits

Sealing System | Superior Industries

Sealing Cartridges

Eliminate belt sagging and create tight seal between belting and hopper skirting.


cartridge construction

A layer of UHMW protects the belt as it passes and a layer of rubber protects from minor impact.


idler frames

If equipped, utilize your existing CEMA C or D idler frames. Just replace rolls with cartridges.


center rolls

To complete the frame, you can order steel or rubber impact rolls for the center of the frame.

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