Feed Conveyors


Feed conveyors are some of the most crucial pieces of machinery in your plant. They’re the trendsetters, the pacemakers and the beginning of an orderly and thriving bulk handling or processing operation.

Trust us when we say we’re paying extra special attention to the durability, maintainability and flexibility of these front-line workers.

RazerTail Truck Unloader | Feed Conveyor | Superior Industries

RazerTail Truck Unloader

Portable, low profile truck unloader

Maintain material quality from truck to pile

Accommodates multiple truck dumping styles

*RazerTail® Truck Unloader

Razerlink Mobile Conveyor | Feed Conveyor | Superior Industries

Razerlink Mobile Conveyor

Highly mobile, self-contained feed system

Tracks, drive tires or towable tires

Fixed, folding or telescoping discharge conveyor

*Razerlink™ Mobile Conveyor

Stationary Truck Unloader | Feed Conveyor | Superior Industries

Stationary Truck Unloader

Fixed system for permanent applications

Rugged system is custom designed

Highest capacity truck unloading

Tunnel Reclaim Conveyor | Feed Conveyor | Superior Industries

Tunnel Reclaim Conveyor

Accommodates large surge piles above tunnel

On demand reclaim of material from surge pile

Create continuous flow to processing plant

Dozer Trap | Feed Conveyor | Superior Industries

Dozer Trap

Move large volumes of material from dozer

Generate continuous flow of material

Primary feed source for processing applications

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