Washing Equipment


Aggregate materials that are processed through a washing cycle are stripped of any unwanted silts or clays to meet specification. This deleterious or unwanted material in your virgin aggregate may also include natural earthly debris like shale, coal, roots, twigs and/or soft stones.

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Washing Equipment Handbook

Spirit® Sand Plant

Structural package combining several products

Sump pump, cyclone(s) and dewatering screen

Sand production or fines recovery

Fine Material Washer

Wash, classify and dewater

Unwanted material overflows weirs

Heavy material augers up tub

Aggredry® Washer

Combination of fine screw and dewatering screen

Remove unwanted, lightweight silts

Dewaters material to 8-12% moisture

Alliance® Low Water Washer

Accepts dry feed in crushing circuit

Produce more valuable manufactured sand

Greatly reduced water requirement

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