Self-Aligning Idler

Self-Aligner Idler C4-35EA-36

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Belting is the most expensive component of a conveying system. Superior’s Self-Aligning Idlers ensure that your conveyor belts stay on track, minimizing the chance of severe belt damage.

Concave in shape, the idler’s side guide rollers restrain the belt from running up and over the conveyor. In order to lessen the wear on the belt, the side guide rollers are made with high-grade HDPE that reduces the friction between the idler and belt.

  • Diameters 4″ – 7″ (101mm – 177mm)
  • Belt widths 18″ – 96″ (457mm – 2,438mm)
  • CEMA Classes: B, C, D, E and F


Idler Models

Troughing idler

Self-Aligner Idler C4-35EA-36

Return idler

Self Aligning Return Idler Frame

The Next Generation Idlers

After decades of field testing and refinement, the next generation of idlers is here.

Superior just completed the biggest idler redesign of your lifetime. Millions have been invested in automated and modern manufacturing.

Reduce maintenance, reduce failure, and protect the belt. Get Superior-built steel idlers made to size for your specific application.

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