Transfer Conveyors


Quickly…what’s the strongest link in a chain? While the beginning and end pieces get most of the attention, we believe in the power of the middle – and that’s usually where you find your transfer conveyors.

Often ignored for being dull and ordinary, it’s the transfer conveyor that is responsible for maintaining production. Because without a high-quality, dependable transfer, isn’t half your plant shut down?

Slide-Pac Conveyors by Superior Industries

Slide-Pac Conveyors

Roll conveyors on and off transport stack

Three conveyors in one towable load

Rolling is safer than picking and lifting

*Slide-Pac™ Conveyor

Stackable Conveyors by Superior Industries

Stackable Conveyors

Bundle up to eight transfer conveyors in one load

Stack up to four high and two wide on trailer

Offers substantial freight savings

Jump Conveyor | Grasshopper Conveyor | Superior Industries

Jump Conveyors

Easily shift in and out of production

Rugged design withstands relocation

Simplicity of design improves maintenance

Extender Conveyor by Superior Industries

Extender Conveyors

Hydraulically extend or retract to meet transfer lengths

Eliminate need for multiple transfer conveyors

One transfer point and electrical supply to maintain

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