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King of the Stockpile

Our ancestors must be looking down at us in envy. Before telescoping radial stackers — like the TeleStacker Conveyor — they attempted to overcome segregation with loaders, only to reinvest any profits right back into those inefficient trucks.

Some of them understood the value of layered stockpiling and used dozers to push material. Unfortunately, running over the product compacted and crushed their precious sand.

The smartest quarrymen and women of the past used conveyors, but without variable heights or radial travel, the material was segregated before it even left the belt.

Today, we’re blessed with technology to help build partially and fully desegregated stockpiles. These modern radial stacking conveyors extend and retract, move radially and have variable discharge heights. These are the basic features of a telescoping stacker.

Established in 1997, the TeleStacker Conveyor is pound-for-pound the strongest, safest and most productive telescopic stacker on the planet. Every square inch of steel is designed to carry more load, provide more stability, and move material at the lowest cost per ton.

  • Capacities up to 5,000 STPH (4,535 MTPH)
  • Stockpiles up to 395,500 tons (300,000 tonnes)
  • Multiple axle configurations

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Features & Benefits

TeleStacker Conveyor Features | Superior Industries

FB® Undercarriage

Patented design provides maximum undercarriage support for safety and lateral stability.


Stinger Safety Stop

Continuously monitors cable tension to stinger conveyor. Automatically activates if cable breaks.


Stinger Load Rollers

Each heavy-duty roller equally shares the weight of the stinger conveyor.


Slidetrack System

Cable support system designed with no material catch points and easy to access for maintenance



Designed and maintained by Superior engineers with a clean, easy to understand interface.


Pile Sensor

Contact-free sensor is more reliable and not affected by dust or debris.

Pile Pro™ automation

While some programs result in flat top stockpiles, our exclusive “zoning method” instructs the radial telescopic conveyor to stockpile more in the back. This creates a trapezoidal-shaped, higher volume stockpile.

road to Work in seconds

Watch a 136TSLP TeleStacker Conveyor change from road transport to operation in a manner of minutes. Equipped with an FD Axle it’s safe, swift and simple.

Energy Independence

New self-contained models for remote quarrying and mining sites.



FD™ Axle

Hydraulically transfer from inline to radial mode in seconds

FD Auto Level keeps stacker level for better belt tracking

Enclosed planetary drive protected from damaging debris


XTP™ Swing Axle

Manually transfer from road to radial operation in minutes

Pull T-Handle to engage power travel; no chain drive

Concrete pad provides level runway


Pit Portable Axle

Designed for highest capacity, highest tonnage applications

Tow throughout mine or quarry; not road portable

Made from heavy duty fabricated steel



Navigator Return Trainer | Superior Components | Superior Industries

Navigator® Return Trainer

Constantly working to guide and center belting on a machine that’s always in motion.

Chevron Pulley | Superior Components | Superior Industries

Chevron® Pulley

Patented v-shape wing pulley ejects fugitive material for longer-lasting pulleys and belts.

Exterra SFL Belt Cleaner | Superior Components | Superior Industries

Exterra® Belt Cleaners

Numerous models to choose all known for beefy, longer-lasting urethane blades.

Sealing System | Superior Components | Superior Industries

Sealing System

Maintains a tight seal between belt and skirting for spillage free load zone.

Telestacker Conveyor TSFD_36x150 1000px

World Record Capacity

72 x 190 handles up to 5,000 TPH!
36 x 210 builds 400,000 ton stockpile!

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Heap Leach Systems

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Mobility Enhancements

Why a TeleStacker Conveyor?


WHERE segregation OCCURS

There are many factors that contribute to segregation within a stockpile constructed by a standard conveyor.

Fine particles settle to the bottom of belts, coarse material discharges faster, free-falling sand rubs and erodes, and wind affects the trajectory of particles differently.

What segregation affects

Inconsistent gradation makes it nearly impossible to produce an acceptable asphalt or concrete product.

Roads constructed with segregated aggregate have poor structural integrity and shorter life expectancy than those made from properly desegregated products.


Building stockpiles in thin layers with variable height stackers is most effective for minimizing segregation.

Usually aided by automation, the stacker’s variable height, extension and radial position is essential in making layered piles that overcome segregation.

TeleStacker Conveyor Finishes Off Unique Production

Geneva Rock’s Ed Clayson is an industry veteran and has trusted Superior conveyors and components for the majority of his career. Get an inside look at Geneva Rock’s production and learn about the conveying systems they use, which includes a mighty new TeleStacker Conveyor.

Owners explain the advantages of their TeleStacker Conveyors.

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