Load Zones

Transfer Point Solutions

Did you know a conveyor’s load zone — also known as its transfer zone — is the most suspect to maintenance issues? 

It’s where the slightest adjustment can lead to material spillage, which is a costly error for your operation. These conveyor components are designed to maintain order in your load zone.

Sealing System | Load Zone Solutions | Superior Industries

Sealing System

Prevent spillage in load zone

Tight seal between belt and skirting

Cartridges fit to existing idler frames

Impact Bed | Load Zone Solutions | Superior Industries

Impact Bed

Protect belt from falling material

Energy-absorbing impact bars

Adjustable wing angles

Impact Cradle

Absorb and dissipate shock

Eliminates space between bed and belt

Fits into existing idler footprint

Skirting System

Keeps all material on the belt

Settles dust in load zone

Designed for simple installation

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