Overland Conveyors


More and more operations are conducting feasibility studies into the use of overland conveyors (sometimes called groundline conveyors) for long-distance transport of bulk material. Their spreadsheets reveal a startling picture of the rising day-to-day costs associated with using haul trucks in challenging applications.

Calculations projecting the hypothetical use of conveyors combined with haul trucks – or conveyors replacing haul trucks – support a dramatic return on investment following installation.

Zipline Modular Overland

Low to no engineering for quick deliveries

Designed for fast installation

Lengths up to 2,500′ (762m)

*Zipline® Modular Overland

Engineered Overland Conveyor

Custom-engineered structural system

Unlimited availability of widths and lengths

Includes thorough analysis of site conditions

Trailblazer Portable Conveyor

Up to 500′ (152m) in one load

Fast install or dismantle times

Suited for temporary or portable sites

*Trailblazer® Portable Conveyor

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