Superior Industries

From Rock Face to Load Out®, Superior Industries designs and manufactures crushing, screening, washing and conveying solutions to support the world’s dry bulk producers.

Rock Face to Load Out

Born and raised in the rural Midwest, privately-owned Superior Industries is supported by some of the hardest working people on the planet.

Together, we are building an American manufacturing company that creatively solves problems, eagerly serves customers, and pursues the lowest cost per ton. We’re motivated by new opportunities for our employees, distributors, vendors, communities, and most importantly…you!

Hoover Materials New Plant Near Nashville, Tennessee, USA

PRODUCT highlights

TeleStacker® Conveyor | Superior Industries

TeleStacker® Conveyor

Our pursuit of the finest radial telescopic conveyor continues. Hear from TeleStacker Conveyor owners and learn what’s new.

Patriot Cone Crusher P400 | Superior Industries

Patriot® cone crusher

Earning strong credibility for ease-of-use and convenience, anybody can operate a Patriot Cone Crusher equipped with Vantage® Automation.

hm Fusion-Platform-Guardian

Fusion® Platform systems

Choosing a pre-engineered processing plant means faster lead times and earlier commissioning. Introducing our Fusion Platforms.




In Real World Conditions

In addition to improving the proven performance of our standard bearing seal, 5+ years of trial and error produced an exclusive line of Application-Specific SpinGuard® Seals.

Application-Specific Idler Seals | Superior Industries


Wash or dredge processes. Frequent washdowns.


Crushing and screening producing dust with minimal fines.


Overland or long distance material handling sites.


Washed sand, fines removal or dredging. Most extreme conditions.


Traditional material handling not described above. Typically 80-90% of applications.

ship loading

big on mobility

It’s a multi-functional portable conveyor that loads, unloads and stockpiles at deep water and inland waterways.

See our new comprehensive guide of features, specifications, and applications for TeleStacker Conveyors in marine applications.


Construction Management

Our construction management team is designing and building high-grade aggregate processing plants throughout North America. Now, we’re ready to convert your vision from tons of steel to a modern, efficient aggregate plant that’s backed for life. 

Who is Superior?

Superior has grown into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bulk material processing and handling equipment and the largest dry bulk conveyor builder in the world! All along, the vision of Superior is simple: serve our customers with integrity and provide opportunities for employees.

Service & Parts

We always have been and always will be a privately-owned company. That means we can add more employees to our customer service team without Wall Street breathing down our neck. Isn’t that the way it should be?

dealer support

They’re the same neighbors you’d trust to babysit your dog on the weekend. Our factory-trained dealers are a local connection for sales, service and parts.

phone support

Staffed by agents born to serve others, you’re welcome to call our technical service team 24/7/365. (If you call in the middle of the night, we can’t guarantee they’re in uniform!)

replacement parts

You know the old saying…”square pegs don’t fit in round holes?” It’s often the case with knock-off parts. Genuine Superior parts are forged from the same steel as our equipment