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Today’s top belt training technologies are automatic solutions that continuously keep the belt aligned, allowing your crew to achieve a set-it-and-forget-it attitude. After all, who wants to continuously adjust and monitor a belt, especially when the one moment you walk away is when the belt rips?

Superior’s Navigator Return Trainer automatically provides
continuous alignment, centering the belt and reducing or eliminating any belt damage.

  • Diameters 7″ and 10″ (177mm – 254mm)
  • Belt widths 24″ – 72″ (609mm – 1,828mm)
  • Lagging: Add ¾” (19mm) to diameter

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Features & Benefits

Navigator Return Trainer by Superior Industries

Contactless sides

No damaging side contact mechanism, which can deteriorate belting.


Replaceable Bearings

Internal flange mount bearings are free from material and are replaceable.


Rubber Lagging

Add ¾” (19mm) to diameter of roll when you add material shedding lag option.


Large roll

A large diameter roll extends service life of the trainer.



Ask for the bidirectional option if your application has a two-way belt.

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