Protect your assets

Is there anything more important than the safety of your crews? Not in this industry.

For years, owners and operators of our conveying equipment have commented on the thoroughness of our conveyor guarding. Now, we want to make those same solutions available to you.

Flexible Guard Panels | Conveyor Safety | Superior Industries

Flexible Guard Panels

Conveyor guarding is an essential component for safe operation and it’s the top priority for any material producing operation.

Return Roll Guards | Conveyor Safety | Superior Industries

Return Roll Guards

We manufacture multiple solutions to protect your crews from conveyor idler pinch points.

Safety Handrail | Conveyor Safety | Superior Industries

Safety Handrail

This patented safety handrail is designed to prevent human entanglement in conveyor belting.

Dry Bulk


Basic design for better maintenance

Designing a conveyor to be maintenance friendly means providing adequate provisions for necessary service from the onset.

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