Liberty® Jaw Crusher

Liberty® Jaw Crusher _3055B_Bolted Frame_300px_01 by Superior Industries

Crush Stones with Jaw Power

Introducing the Liberty Jaw Crusher, a primary compression crusher engineered to process rocks and minerals with consistent high capacities.

Superior’s machine design boasts high strength castings and multiple maintenance-friendly features, making it an ideal choice for operations that require strength and dependability.


Ore / Hard Rock Mining

Quarried Stone

River Gravel

Recycled Concrete

Streamlined Crushing with Zero Downtime

At Diamondback Materials, a dragline excavator feeds their Portable Liberty Jaw Plant, which crushes the material in a primary role before it’s conveyed to a secondary cone at the wet plant.

Diamondback Materials Gets a Portable Superior Facelift



Mid-Mount Base frame

Mid-mount base frame allows machinery to maintain a low profile in portable jaw crusher installations.

Animated Features: Liberty® Jaw Crusher

AGgresive Nip Angle

Designed with an aggressive nip angle, operators get consistent stone processing and strong capacity.


Cast Steel Components

High grade cast steel components and crusher wear parts handle higher loads and last longer.


Composite Draft Guard

Lightweight, composite drive guard can be handled by one person, operates quietly, and achieves tightest fit up.

How A Jaw Crusher Works

If you can explain how a nutcracker works you can essentially envision the operation of a jaw crusher.

Inside the chamber there are two jaws. One is fixed while the other constantly moves back and forth. This action compresses the rock causing it to break.

Rocks stay in the jaws until they are small enough to pass through the bottom gap.

Local Stock. Local Support. Local Experts!


Overhead view of 3055 Liberty Jaw crushing boulders

30×55 Liberty Jaw Portable Plant

Animated Features: Liberty® Jaw Crusher

Animated overview of Liberty Jaw Crusher features

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Compare Liberty Jaw Crushers

ModelFeed Opening (in)CSS (in)Capacity (STPH)Max Feed Size (in)
2155B21 x 551.6″ – 5.1″100 – 44016.8″
2636B26 x 362.4″ – 6.3″120 – 39620.8″
3042B30 x 422.75″ – 8″165 – 55024″
3343B33 x 433.2″ – 8″200 – 68026.4″
3055B30 x 552.75″ – 8″265 – 85524″
3455B34 x 554″ – 8″353 – 88027.2″
3448B34 x 482.75″ x 8″185 – 61527.2″
4051B40 x 514″ – 8″320 – 97032″
4655B46 x 556″ – 10″440 – 99036.8″
5165B51 x 656″ – 10.5″605 – 1,21040.8″
6080B60 x 808″ – 12″770 – 1,59548.0″
ModelFeed Opening (mm)CSS (mm)Capacity (MTPH)Max Feed Size (mm)
2155B530 x 1,40040 – 13090 – 400427
2636B650 x 90060-160110-360528
3042B750 x 107070-200150-500610
3343B830 x 110080-200180-620671
3055B760 x 140070-200240-780610
3455B860 x 1400100-200170-560691
4051B1010 x 1300100-200290-880813
4655B1,160 x 1,400150 – 250400 – 900935
5165B1,290 x 1,650150 – 270550 – 1,1001,036
6080B1,525 x 2,030200 – 300700 – 1,4501,219
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