Scrubbing Equipment


In the wet processing of construction aggregates, scrubbing is the action of removing clays, vegetation and other unwanted, sometimes sticky coatings. When it discharges, a scrubbed material transforms into a higher grade, higher-value product.

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Washing Equipment Handbook

Blade Mill Washer | Scrubbing Equipment | Superior Industries

Blade Mill Washer

Liquifies material before screening

Improves screening efficiency

Breaks up clay, mud, silt, soils

Coarse Material Washer | Scrubbing Equipment | Superior Industries

Coarse Material Washer

Removes dust from surface of rocks

Removes unwanted sand from feed

Improves material to meet spec

Log Washer | Scrubbing Equipment | Superior Industries

Log Washer

Removes toughest insoluble, clays

5X more power than coarse screws

Removes sand to improve scrubbing

LP washing product Attrition Mill

Attrition Mill

Surface scrubbing and polishing

Breaks up bonded clusters

Meets turbidity/color requirements

Pugmill Mixer

Counter-rotating mixing shafts

Evenly blends multiple materials

Produces a single uniform product

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