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Via Superior’s Core Systems Design program, bulk handling operations can access custom-engineered conveyor drive and tail pulley assemblies that are ideally suited to the application, while ensuring that power requirements are met.

Each drive assembly is delivered as a pre-assembled package, which eliminates the time and labor in component acquisition, onsite assembly and installation.

As one of the largest quarry and mining conveyor manufacturers in the world, our customers take advantage of a vast amount of power transmission components in stock, which creates fast turnaround times on every drive package. They also benefit from savings generated by our buying power in the marketplace.

Delivery on standard products exceeds industry standards and expedited service is available in as little as 24 to 48 hours from initial call to final delivery. We’re one call to simplify your drive package procurement projects.

What is Core Systems Drive Design?

It’s a single drive component or a package of components designed by our engineers, manufactured in our plants or selected from our warehouse and assembled before delivery.

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Lagging decreases downtime

When seeking highly efficient and economical conveyor operation, proper pulley lagging is an integral detail.

TeleStacker Conveyor by Superior Industries

Big Buyer. Big Savings.

As one of the largest manufacturers of conveyors in the world, we’re allowed to buy directly from power transmission components manufacturers and get great pricing.

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