Exterra® Primary
Belt Cleaner

Exterra® Primary Belt Cleaner | Superior Industries

Meat and Potatoes

Aggregate primary belt cleaners — also known as pre-cleaners — are designed for installation at the head pulley just past the point of material discharge from the conveyor.

Superior’s Exterra Primary Belt Cleaner, as a urethane-based cleaner, scrapes the top of the belt and forces coarse carryback material onto the stockpile or into another intended target.

Without this primary belt cleaning stage, which typically removes about 70% of carryback, fugitive material will stick to return rolls, pile up below the conveyor and create costly maintenance issues like belt mistracking and damaging spillage.

  • Belt widths 18” – 72” (457 – 1,828mm)
  • Blade widths 10” – 70” (254 – 1,728mm)
  • Pole lengths: 48” – 114” (1,219mm – 2,895mm)

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Features & Benefits

Exterra® Primary Belt Cleaner | Superior Industries

beefy blades

Up to 40% bigger blades for longer lasting cleaning power.


Thick apex

A fatter blade tip generates more cleaning power at this crucial point of attack.


In-House Urethane

Internal urethane production improves quality, consistency and lead times.


Tensioning nut

Standard systems are equipped with a simple to use wrench tensioning nut.


Mounting pole

Like anything branded Superior, this one-piece pole is well built and strong.

Auto Pilot

Upgrade to our patented SFL (Set For Life) tensioning system. The scraper automatically maintains proper tension.

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