Trailblazer® Conveyor

Setting up a Trailblazer Conveyor

The Portable Overland Conveyor

Today, dry bulk handlers have a new choice for long distance conveying in short term or portable applications. The Trailblazer Conveyor is a 500-foot-long (152m), fully-assembled overland conveyor in one towable package. Best of all, set up takes just hours!

Historically, applications like these may have relied on a series of jump conveyors to cover the same distance. That means multiple transfer points to maintain, electrical considerations for each conveyor, and lots of belting. It’s maintenance multiplied!

Meanwhile, traditional overland conveyors require cranes for installation, are anchored in concrete, and take weeks to set up. They work best in long-term, stationary applications.

Blazing A Trail

Carver Companies needed a temporary, long distance material handling solution while constructing a new container terminal. Their options were to string together a bunch of jump conveyors or try out the Trailblazer Conveyor.

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Carver Companies Use Superior Conveyors to Efficiently Unload Ships


01 Feature_Trailblazer road portable

Road Portable

Up to 500’ (152m) of overland conveyor in a single load that can be towed down the highway.

02 Feature_Trailblazer one conveyor to maintain

One Conveyor to Maintain

Compared to multiple jump conveyors, there’s one transfer point, one belt and one power supply.

03 Feature_Trailblazer very fast setup

(Very) Fast Set Up

Experienced crews can set up or dismantle in about an hour. First timers will finish in one shift.

04 Feature_Trailblazer all-in-one load


All components are packaged within a single load including the receiving hopper, support stands, take-ups and guarding.

Local Stock. Local Support. Local Experts!

Quick Assembly and Dismantle of Superior Trailblazer® Conveyor - trimmed for website page

Watch It Unfold

  1. Position the tail end where feed will be introduced.
  2. Mark a straight line for the driver’s path.
  3. Remove any packaged accessories like support legs.
  4. Secure or anchor the tail end of the conveyor
  5. As the driver moves forward, conveyor sections will roll off.
  6. Insert support stands or legs along the path.
  7.  Left the discharge end and lower the gravity take-up.
  8. Attach any guarding and accessories for operation.



Compare Trailblazer Conveyors

Feed Height
to Hopper
(ft – in)
Discharge Height to
Center of Head Pulley
(ft- in)
Weight at Axle
48” x 250′2,0004′ – 5″12′ – 9″25040,000
36” x 500′1,0004′ – 2″12′ – 6″50041,500
42” x 500′1,5004′ -4″12′ – 6″50047,500
Feed Height
to Hopper
Discharge Height to
Center of Head Pulley
Weight at Axle
48” x 250′1,8141.33.875.618,144
36” x 500′9071.33.8152.418,824
42” x 500′1,3601.33.8152.421,545
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Trailblazer Literature

conveying equipment handbook pdf

Conveying Equipment Handbook

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