Trailblazer® Conveyor

The World’s Only Portable Overland Conveyor

Today, portable operations have a new choice for long distance conveying in short term applications. The Trailblazer Conveyor is 500’ (152m) of fully-belted and assembled overland conveyor in a one-load, towable package.

While overland conveyors offer the best cost of ownership for bulk handlers, they are not designed to accommodate portable operations.

Overland conveyors require cranes during installation, are anchored in concrete and are meant to be fixed in the same position for decades. They are constructed for stationary applications.

Historically, portable producers used a collection of jump conveyors to move material long distances. That means multiple transfer points to maintain, individual electrical needs to accommodate and dozens of sets of belting. It’s maintenance multiplied.

Versus a traditional, stationary groundline conveyor, the Trailblazer Conveyor allows rapid deployment from the road to working status in hours.

  • Operating lengths of 250’ or 500’ (76m or 152m)
  • Travel lengths of 56’ – 92’ (17 – 28m)
  • Capacities up to 2,000 STPH (1,814 MTPH)

Features & Benefits


Fewer Conveyors

Compared to multiple jump conveyors, there’s one transfer point, one belt and one power supply.


Road Portable

Up to 500’ (152m) of overland conveyor packaged in a road-portable load.


Swift Setup

Experienced crews can set up or dismantle in about an hour. First timers will finish in one shift.


Conveyor Hinges

Every 10.5’ (3.2m) a joint in the structure retracts or extends the conveyor like an accordion.


Support Stands

Conveniently packaged and stored over the fifth wheel hitch during transportation.


Wing Pulleys

Extend Belt Life with v-shaped model

It is common for operations to stick with traditional conveyor components even though they are causing maintenance challenges.


Trailblazer Conveyor In Application

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