Log Washer

Heavy-Duty Scrubbing

Compared to other machines capable of scrubbing — like coarse material washers or blade mills — log washers are beasts. To prove it, they require almost 5X more horsepower than those units.

Log washers accept their feed from crushing or screening equipment and get to work. They scrub out and liberate plastic clays. That’s the kind of clay that gets sticky when wet instead of dissolving in moisture like soluble clays.

Paddles are attached to a set of shafts and cross within each others’ diameters. This motion forces the rocks to grind against one another, freeing them of the tough clay. The unwanted material is lifted over the weirs while the usable rocks make their way to the washer’s discharge.

  • Capacities up to 190 STPH (172 MTPH)
  • Maximum material size of 3.5” (89mm)
  • Twin shafts


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