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State-of-the-Art Cone Designed to Crush the Competition

Available in 200-600 horsepower models, the Patriot Cone Crusher features Superior Vantage™ Automation that monitors and controls crusher parameters. Unlike most crusher models, the Patriot Cone Crusher’s counter-shaft spins in a counterclockwise rotation. This causes the crusher to open if clamping pressure is lost, reducing risk of catastrophic failure. The Patriot Cone Crusher is backed by the industry’s first two-year standard warranty, in addition to one-year wear parts protection. When you choose Superior, we invest in you long-term and provide you with a passionate, experienced support team eager to serve. 

The simple design ensures the hydraulic cylinder rod seal is not exposed during operation.

Inverted Tramp Relief Cylinders

The simple design ensures the hydraulic cylinder rod seal is not exposed during operation. This greatly reduces chances of contamination and failure. The tramp relief system has fewer accumulators to minimize maintenance and opportunity for failure. If an accumulator does fail, an internal relief valve provides instant relief. The Patriot Cone Crusher is a great example of U.S. made precision machining that accounts for and prevents potential operational issues.

Raised Cone Head Seating Surface.

Raised Cone Head Seating Surface

This feature allows the user to recondition the head seating area surface up to three times without having to rebuild by welding onto the casting or re-machining.

Patriot Cone crusher automation

Cone Crusher Automation

The Patriot Cone Crusher’s automation package includes auto-wear compensation. As liners begin to wear, the crusher is designed to automatically compensate for that wear in order to maintain the same settings in the machine. With liner wear, the space between the two compression components expands. At the same time, the auto wear compensation system automatically closes the machine down to maintain proper settings throughout the life of the wear components.

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