Valor® Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI)

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Produce Uniform, Road-Building Material

Compared to compression crushers (jaws and cones), impact crushers – like the Valor Vertical Shaft Impactor (VSI) – process a wider range of material at higher tonnages and allow for more customization of rock shape and size.

Our Valor VSI offers significant application flexibility because of options like adjustable chamber configurations and several unique rotor options. Investments are backed by an industry-leading 2-year or 6,000-hour warranty.


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Hydraulic lid

Along with additional defenses, a hydraulically-controlled lifter allows safe access to chamber.


Feed Tube Adjustment

Allows operators to externally adjust the feed tube for production control without opening the crusher.


Air Transfer System

Available on all models, the design reduces harmful dust emissions during operation.

Feature - Cone Crusher - Vantage Automation

Vantage® Automation

Designed and supported in-house, automation allows precise control, warns of harmful conditions, and improves efficiencies.

How Does A VSI Work?

During operation, feed material contacts the VSI’s rotor which rapidly launches it against stationary anvils. This collision causes the rock to break along its natural fault lines.

VSI’s are typically positioned after primary or secondary crushers and consistently produce cube-shaped material, including Superpave, which is often required by most modern contractors.

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Animated Features: Valor® Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher

Animated overview of VSI crusher features.

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VSI Chamber Configurations

Rotor & Rockbox Crushing Configuration


Enclosed rotor and rock shelf
High abrasion applications (i.e. Quartz)
Interchange top and bottom rotor parts

Rotor & Anvil Crushing Chamber Configuration


Fabricated rotor and anvil ring
Medium abrasion materials (i.e. Granite)
Designed with fewest parts possible

Shoe & Anvil Crushing Chamber Configuration | Superior Industries


Open shoes and anvil ring
Low abrasion materials (i.e. Limestone)
4, 5 and 6 shoes available


Compare Valor VSI’s

ModelConfigurationMax Feed Size (in)Table / Rotor Diameter (in)Estimated Max Throughput (mtph)Typical HP Range (hp)
V1680Steel on Steel2″26″225Up to 250
Rock on Steel1.5″27″70-180Up to 250
Rock on Rock1.5″27″70-180Up to 250
V2160 SingleSteel on Steel5″36″ – 42″180-385Up to 400
Rock on Steel2.38″32″ – 36″163-362Up to 400
Rock on Rock2.38″32″ – 36″163-362Up to 400
V2160 DualSteel on Steel5″36″ – 42″180-385Up to 700
Rock on Steel2.38″32″ – 36″163-362Up to 700
Rock on Rock2.38″32″ – 36″163-362Up to 700
ModelConfigurationMax Feed Size (mm)Table / Rotor Diameter (mm)Estimated Max Throughput (stph)Typical HP Range (kW)
V1680Steel on Steel50660250Up to 186
Rock on Steel3868677-198Up to 186
Rock on Rock3868677-198Up to 186
V2160 SingleSteel on Steel127914 – 1,066200-425Up to 300
Rock on Steel60812 – 914180-400Up to 300
Rock on Rock60812 – 914180-400Up to 300
V2160 DualSteel on Steel127914 – 1,066200-425Up to 522
Rock on Steel60812 – 914180-400Up to 522
Rock on Rock60812 – 914180-400Up to 522
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