Conveyor monitoring
in real time. All the time.

Vantage® Conveyor Monitoring measures temperatures, load, and rotation of every roll. Combined with Vantage Cloud Services our intelligent idlers allow belt conveyors to be operated and maintained as critical assets in the plant.


Next Generation idlers

Embedded hardware that transforms a passive roll into an active inspection tool. Rugged electronics - encased inside - are powered for life without batteries.

Load measurements

Predicts failure and allows for conveyor performance analysis.

Internal Generator

Powers embedded IoT hardware for life, with zero drag.

Bearing Temperature

Contact sensor between shaft and bearing for accurate readings.


LoRa Alliance® radio for long range and unlimited devices.

Vantage Details

Find issues at a glance

Thousands of idlers monitored through a simple interface. The perfect tool for control rooms to prevent unscheduled downtime.

Keep an eye on hot spots

Powerful filtering and aggregation tools bring insights on load distribution, belt behavior, and roll remaining life. No more surprises when least wanted.

Alerts that save the day

Bad news early is good news. Alert system keeps an eye on every roll, notifying operators in real time of critical events out in the field.

Heat map overlay

Geo-positioning of historical and real-time data allows operators to pinpoint problem regions over vast areas of operation.

mockup mobile

Designed to use everywhere

Field personnel can carry in their pockets the same powerful tools available in the control room