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  • jaw crusher at sand pit in Glenwood, MN
  • Superior Industries Liberty™ Jaw Crusher
  • Superior’s patent-pending Liberty Jaw Crusher.
  • The Liberty Cone Crusher Plant gives you a portable system for applications requiring primary crushing capabilities.

Superior’s patent-pending Liberty Jaw Crusher processes aggregates in stone, concrete, asphalt, and ore applications. Functioning as a primary crusher in mining and aggregate applications, the unit compresses material as it travels down the increasingly narrow angle between the crusher jaws. Superior engineers designed the Liberty Jaw Crusher with a number of advantageous features including hydraulically controlled wedge and tensioning systems, pitman toe protection on jaw dies, and a frame-mounted motor that makes maintenance access easier. Additionally, the unit is backed by the industry’s first two-year standard warranty, in addition to one-year wear parts protection. The machine in manufactured in models with jaw crushing capacities up to 1,000 STPH.

Superior Industries Liberty™ Jaw Crusher

Aggressive Nip Angle

The geometry of the crusher chamber creates an aggressive nip angle. This sharp angle allows the jaw to consistently grab and process material for high-level efficiency throughout the entire life of the die.

Superior Industries Liberty™ Jaw Crusher wedge

Hydraulic Wedge Adjustment

Designed with a single push button, the Liberty Jaw’s hydraulic wedge adjustment capability gives operators easy access to closed side settings. Compared to manual lifting, hydraulic adjustments are safer and less time-consuming. The unit’s tensioning system is also hydraulically controlled, allowing operators to make safe toggle tension adjustments without the use of heavy tools.

Liberty 1836Liberty 2036Liberty 2054Liberty 2442Liberty 3244Liberty 3048Liberty 3254Liberty 3648
Recommended Horsepower7575100100150150250200
Height (with Flywheels)70″76″86″86″101.5″63″107″121″
Width (with Flywheels)75″81″99″88″89″99″105″99″
Nominal Feed Opening (Tip to Tip)18″ x 36″20″ x 36″20″ x 54″24″ x 42″32″ x 44″30″ x 48″32″ x 54″36″ x 48″
Length of Fixed Jaw36″41″47.25″47.25″60″61″61″72.5″
Crusher Weight (without Motors)19,500 lbs.22,000 lbs.42,000 lbs.38,000 lbs.56,000 lbs.58,000 lbs.80,000 lbs.85,000 lbs.
Setting Range1.5″ – 6″2″ – 7″1.5″ – 6″3″ – 10″3″ – 12″3″ – 10″4″ – 16″3.5″ – 16″
Capacity Range (STPH)50 – 19075 – 26090 – 310136 – 460160 – 610155 – 510265 – 1000250 – 900
Operating Rpm @ 1200 rpm (STPH)275235235235230230225210

How It Works – Jaw Crusher Animation

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