We offer the full range of Construction Management services including engineering, manufacturing, project management, and field services. We have a team of seasoned, well respected industry veterans who understand project timeliness and profitability. They implement accurate integration of processing and handling equipment to ensure proper flow, essential uptime, and salable products. We inherited a legacy of excellence in project management from long time industry leader Fesco Systems, which we acquired in 2008.

Concept to Completion

When you choose Superior as your Construction Management vendor, you get vast engineering experience, world-class manufacturing, and expertise in processing all from one company. We work with you to lay out a plan from concept to completion. All your engineering and manufacturing needs are taken care of in-house. Then, our team of experienced project managers install and implement your solutions on site. Finally, our Aftermarket Services division provides you with unparalleled ongoing support as your operation continues.


We have a long history of world-class engineering and manufacturing at Superior. Started in 1972 by our founder Neil Schmidgall, Superior is recognized as an innovative company that actively listens and responds to the needs of its customers. Today, we are equipped with more than 1,700 employees and ten manufacturing plants in North and South America. With our team of 150 engineers we’ve expanded our product line to include crushing, screening, and washing technologies in addition to portable plants, conveyors, and conveyor components. It’s a complete processing and handling system from one vendor, but we gladly still leave the door open to incorporate your preferred brand.

Engineering Project Management Field Services Manufacturing
Return on Investment (ROI) Project Planning Excavations Plate Burning
Analysis Estimating and Pricing Concrete Placement Structural Steel
Concrete Footings, Mats, Piers Return on Investment (ROI) Structural Erection Welding
Plant Design and Layout Analysis Mechanical Millwright Services Drilling
Structural Design Scheduling Electrical Controls and Wiring Fitting
Mechanical Design Purchasing Start Up Services Machining
Electrical Design Engineering Management Mechanical Piping Sandblasting and Painting
Machinery Selection Fabrication Management Galvanizing
Field Services Management Component Assembly
Freight Management