Washing Calculators

Best Practices For Your Application

Recommended Screw Speed

Fine Material Washer

Select your model and enter the percent of material (#50 mesh) passing of the stockpile for a recommended screw speed, revolutions per minute (RPM), and hourly tonnage rate (TPH).

Capacity results listed as TPH.

Weir Overflow Rate

Aggredry Washer & Fine Material Washer

Select your machine model and weir depth to find the overflow of water in gallons per minute. (GPM)

Model Key:
FMW = Fine Material Washer
AD = Aggredry® Dewatering Washer

Weir Depth Measurement

Take your measurement from the surface of the water down to the level of the weir, at a point approximately 8 inches back from the adjustable water weir. We calculate the GPM using weir lengths for our washer models.

Profit Calculator

Are you flushing away profits?

The Aggredry Washer’s patented Fines Recovery Jet saves valuable material from being lost to your tailings pond. Use this calculator and find out the additional profit you could earn when you reclaim those fines instead.

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