• Spirit™ Sand Plant

Providing a solution for sand production and fines recovery, the patent-pending Spirit™ Sand Plant includes a cyclone and dewatering screen to classify and produce salable sand product that meets customer specs. The life of a pit or quarry can be drastically lengthened by adding classifying and washing equipment to your application. The Spirit Sand Plant helps operators remove heavy clay from valuable sands, transforming useless material into product that is ready to go to market. The unit’s wetted surfaces are lined with cast polyurethane, eliminating seams and the risk of loose liners to provide the best wear properties available.


The Spirit Sand Plant’s offset feed design eliminates turbulence by providing efficient slurry flow. This improved efficiency enables more precise classification and reduces component wear. Maintenance is made easier by providing better access to feed components. The design allows operators to avoid removing the vortex finder or discharge piping.

Dewatering Screen

Our Dewatering Screen helps you achieve moisture content in your product as low as 8%. The deep bed design removes more moisture more effectively than competitor models, giving you the highest possible percentage of salable product. The urethane sidewalls of the Dewatering Screen are lined with screen openings, creating a larger surface area for drainage. Screen attributes include a rigid ½ inch A36 steel welded frame, steel compression springs, recycle water line, and dual electric vibrators.

Sand Production

Model Output Cyclone Screen
SP60 60 TPH 16″ 3’x8′
SP100 100 TPH 16″ 4’x8′
SP150 150 TPH 24″ 5’x10′
SP200 200 TPH 24″ 5’x10′


Ultra Fines Recovery

Model Output Cyclone Screen
FR1500 1500 GPM (1) 16″ 3’x8′
FR2500 2500 GPM (2) 16″ 3’x8′
FR3500 3500 GPM (3) 16″ 3’x8′

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