Who says if you’ve seen one screen you’ve seen them all? Not us! Using the voice of our customers as a guide, we designed and manufacture our bulk material vibratory screening solutions to overcome some common pain points. For example, the act of replacing springs on screens and feeders used to require the assistance of some heavy-duty machinery. Instead, our engineers invented simple bottle jack lifting points to speed and improve safety of spring replacement. Click below to learn more about our modern revisions to antique technology.

  • 5×16, 6×20, 7×20, 8×20 (feet)
  • Two or three decks
  • Triple shaft, oval stroke
  • 5×16 – 8×24 models
  • Two, three or four deck configurations
  • Bottle jack lifting points
  • 340 TPH – 1,400 TPH
  • 36 in. – 60 in. pan widths
  • Horizontal or 5 degree incline