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Titanium tough

Idler bearings fail due to a number of conditions: moisture, dust, water, slurry, and your conveyor’s load just to name a few.

Without a proper sealing, all of these environments will eventually (and sometimes quickly) damage idler bearings, cease up your rolls and shutdown operations.

Introducing the Titanium™ Idler Bearing Seal. It’s the best defense against your conveyor rollers’ number one enemy: FUGITIVE MATERIAL!

idler seal end gray titanium
idler seals as set

TITANIUM Idler Seals

testing protocols

Testing — lots and lots of testing — was the foundational tool we used during development of our Titanium™ Idler Bearing Seal.

We don’t like to hear stories about premature idler failure and set out to develop the best idler bearing seal the the world.



First, our engineers studied our former seal to understand where the fugitive material was breaking through. We dissected competitor seals too.



Next, we tested dozens of combinations of new products, new materials and examined our labyrinth path as well.



When we found something we liked, the seal was installed on an idler inside our unique, high pressure, idler endurance machines.

idler seal testing 4


When one of the seal designs passed those tests, we installed some in real world quarries and collected candid feedback from the field.

Almost ten years later, we present to you our bulletproof Titanium Idler Bearing Seal. We’d love to tell you more about it!

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