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Coarse Material Washer by Superior Industries

Coarse Material Washer

The Coarse Material Washer removes crusher dust and fines from finished +⅜ inch aggregate product coming off of your screen. Paddles at the receiving end of the washer scrub the material and remove lightweight deleterious material. A rising current manifold provides an upward current of water that assists in eliminating the unwanted materials, which float to the top and are removed by the overflowing wastewater.

Our Coarse Material Washer, which comes in single or double screw options, can process up to 550 tons per hour. We provide the largest screw on the market, measuring 24×48 feet.


You can choose the size that matches your needs from models with either single or double screws.

Our design, exclusive to Superior, places the bearing outside and away from the water tank. This provides extra protection from a common bearing enemy…water. The design also prevents overgreasing of the bearing, which is all too common and can be quite damaging. Owners and operators of competitive screws can contact our parts department for a conversion kit to retrofit their equipment with Safeguard Outboard Bearing.

The Coarse Material Washer’s tank is constructed with ASTM A36-certified, heavy duty ¼ inch steel and sits on a skid mounted frame. In the tank’s Rising Current Cell (RCC), water enters the pool from the bottom of the perforated belly pan and filters up, separating fines, dirt, and other extraneous matter that is then carried to the top and forced out with the overflow. The tank’s overflow gate is adjustable to match your application’s need.

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