Attrition Mill

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Attrition Mill by Superior Industries

Attrition Mill

Superior’s patent-pending Attrition Mill is beneficial in a number of sand applications including disintegration of conglomerates, material separation, and surface cleaning and polishing. Additionally, the Attrition Mill improves material strength by removing mineral coatings.

Lined with urethane for added protection, this unit’s durability is unmatched in the market. A 50 horsepower motor produces the same capacities as similar machines with three times the power, giving operators a quieter and more energy-efficient process.


A 50 horsepower engine, impeller, by Superior Industries

Coated with urethane, the Attrition Mill’s tank and impellers are better protected and longer lasting than competitor models with no internal lining. The unit’s large, urethane coated access door makes maintenance convenient for machine operators by eliminating the heavy lifting that comes with drive removal.

The minimal design of the Attrition Mill creates an optimized flow pattern for material traveling through the unit. Superior engineers decided to draft the tubs with a round design instead of square. This decision allows for consistent sand processing and eliminates the risk of material collecting in square corners. Built with no extraneous structures, the Attrition Mill contains no dead flow zones, improving the equipment’s efficiency.

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