Density Sizer

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Anthem™ Inclined Screen by Superior Industries

Density Sizer

Our patented Density Sizer solves common complications and failures existing in many models on the market.

  • The square shape improves structural integrity and ensures proper material flow to the discharge point.
  • The high-density polyurethane (HDPE) feedwell improves wear life.
  • Includes removable HDPE teeter bars and butterfly clean-out valves that don’t require a complete manifold disassembly to maintain, simplifying maintenance.
  • Hydraulically-controlled pinch valves improve reliability of control.

The Density Sizer comes in three sizes—7×7 feet (50 square feet capacity), 8.5×8.5 feet (75 square feet) and 10×10 feet (100 square feet).

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