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Classifying Tanks

We offer a state of the art Classifying Tank fitted with user-friendly computer controls that blend aggregate material at a higher quality with the highest output. Our Classifying Tank helps you mix your material into an in-spec product that meets the concrete or mason sand requirements of your customers.

Our patented computer program, Aggrespec® III, automatically monitors and adjusts during operation to keep you in-spec. This machine is equipped with urethane valves, seats, and discharge elbows, providing extended life to components.


We offer a state of the art Classifying Tank fitted with user-friendly computer controls

We provide two options for computer controls on our Classifying Tank. Aggrespec I is a simple intuitive control system ideal for quarry operations. Aggrespec I has a quick start-up time with the capacity to program automatic tank cleanout. Our updated option, Aggrespec III, includes three method calculations that deliver 2-15% more productivity than single method programs. Aggrespec III re-blends up to two spec products simultaneously and has an unlimited mix design storage capacity. Another feature of the program is a stockpile analysis report that compares your finished product against the expected product and input settings.

Our Classifying Tank comes in a variety of sizes. The most common size is 8×20 feet, but we can design tanks up to 12×48 feet, the largest tank design in the industry. No competitor can give you higher capacities than the designs we provide. You can order systems from us with either single, double, or even triple tanks. The units can be stationary, semi-portable, or fully portable, depending on your application requirements.

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