Intrepid® Vibrating Grizzly Feeder (VGF)

//Intrepid® Vibrating Grizzly Feeder (VGF)
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Intrepid™ Vibrating Grizzly Feeder VGF by Superior Industries

Intrepid® Vibrating Grizzly Feeder (VGF)

Superior’s patent-pending Intrepid® Vibrating Grizzly Feeder (VGF) is manufactured in widths to feed up to 1,400 tons per hour. Our engineers incorporated several key, differentiating features into their designs for the Intrepid® Vibrating Grizzly Feeder.

An exclusive Superior feature, the grizzly cartridges are designed to bolt into the feeder’s frame. One set of bars are applicable for flat or 5 degree applications, so owners and operators can limit their stock to one style. Another key feature is bottle jack lifting points incorporated into the spring section of the Intrepid® Vibrating Grizzly Feeder.

Eliminate the need to lift the pan with cranes or bucket loaders and simply use a bottle jack for spring replacement, which greatly increases safety during this common maintenance task.

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