Superior accessories include specialized components that go beyond standard solutions. Whether you need to reduce spillage in your load zone, automate your greasing process, or protect your conveyor belt, we’ll provide the right tools for you. We’ve assembled a robust team of engineers that are excited to take on unique challenges by designing custom solutions for your application.  

Scale is equipped with calibration weights
  • Flush-mount design
  • Integrator with large color graphic display
  • Accurately monitors production flow
Prevents material spillage in load zones.
  • Prevents material spillage in load zones
  • Quick installation
  • Eliminates space between belt and skirting
Protects belt from beating of large material.
  • Protects belt from beating of large material
  • Energy absorbing impact bars
  • SBR rubber
Designed to fit into your existing idler mounting footprint.
  • Fitted for CEMA C, D, and E idlers
  • Energy absorbing urethane segments
  • Available in 20 and 35 degree trough angles
Full coverage to protect material.
  • Rigid, corrugated construction
  • Full coverage to protect material
  • Choice of material
Maintain belt tension.
  • Maintain belt tension
  • Prevent belt slippage
  • Every design uses ACME screws
Lengthens life of conveyor components.
  • Lubricates bearings, shaft seals, and chains
  • Built in sensor
  • Lengthens life of conveyor components
Monitor your conveyor belt’s speed with our Speed Sensor.
  • Fitted for CEMA C and D idlers
  • Monitors conveyor belt speed
  • Two year components warranty
Superior Guard Panels are a simple to install safety solution.
  • UV resistant
  • Bright yellow material
  • Shipped ready to install
Universally mounting to all idler frames.
  • Diameter of 1-¼ inches
  • 8 or 10 foot lengths
  • Prevents entanglement
Modified to fit different brand rollers.
  • Provide protection at conveyor pinch points
  • Modified to fit different brand rollers
  • Thwarts material buildup
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