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TelStacker Conveyor - Fred Weber_Loveland CO

The World’s Best Selling Telescopic Conveyor

  • Radial travel and variable height keeps proper mix of coarse and fine material.
  • Easy to use automation package is designed in-house for faster support.
  • Automation fills out the back of a stockpile, resulting in 30% more material on the same footprint.
  • FD Auto Level Axle hydraulically transfers stacker from inline to radial mode in seconds.

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circle headshot Steve Valle at Fred Weber

“The [Pile Pro] Automation program is the berries!”

-Steve Valle, General Superintendent

Pile Pro Automation

Making Mountains With A TeleStacker Conveyor

Our Superior stackers are all completely automated. You program it one time, and walk away from it.”

We use the [TeleStacker Conveyor] for desegregation in the piles. They are very user-friendly. You can literally, set that thing and forget it – and your piles are built and created at the end of your shift.”

FD Axle Configuration

TeleStacker® Conveyor: FD Axle with Auto Leveling

FD Axle with Auto Level Technology

Production Advantages


Desegregates Stockpiles

To operations where segregation is an issue, TeleStacker Conveyors prevent deduct penalties and save costs with restoring in-spec material.


Higher Volume Piles

Our automation fills out the back of a stockpile, resulting in 30% more material on the same footprint.

TeleStacker® Conveyor: Stockpiling Automation Explained

Easy Automation

Designed in-house – which means faster support when you need it – our PilePro Automation is easy to set up and simple to operate.

TeleStacker® Conveyor: Safe, Reliable Stinger Extension

User-Friendly UPkeep

A Slidetrack System that won’t collect fugitive material, plus a winch placed in the stinger to avoid getting buried by material.


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