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The product line of Exterra® Replacement Blades includes a primary blade-only replacement for belt widths ranging from 18-72 inches. In addition, a replacement mini-blade is available for applications with smaller diameter pulleys or tight clearance installations. Mini-blades are manufactured to accommodate belt widths up to 60 inches. Compared to other primary scrapers, we’ve packed our blades with up to 40% more urethane, which is produced in-house for custom sizes and quick deliveries.

Other BrandSuperior ReplacementOther BrandSuperior Replacement
 martin-qc-1-blade-8-41-16-am superior-replacement-for-martin-qc-1 martin-hd-blade superior-replacement-for-martin-hd-blade
 martin-pv-blade superior-replacement-for-martin-pv-blade flexco-exp1-rocklinesuperior-replacement-for-flexco-exp1-rockline-blade
 argonics-eraser-bladesuperior-replacement-for-argonics-eraser-blade argonics-micro-eraser-blade superior-replacement-for-argonics-micro-eraser-blade
 arch-saber-primary-blade superior-replacement-for-arch-saber-primary-blade arch-mini-saber-blade superior-replacement-blade-for-arch-mini-saber-blade

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