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  • Specially formulated polyurethane material.
  • Maintenance-free lobed discs.

Urathon Return Rolls are comprised of specially formulated polyurethane material which offers abrasion resistance and wear life at least 3X longer than steel or rubber rolls. This specially formulated material is resistant to rust and corrosion common to steel rolls. Urathon Return Rolls are engineered with 90 durometer discs designed with a self-cleaning flat surface to prevent any material buildup between the discs or on the belt. In addition to the standard design, we offer this idler in a spiral style option that has the added benefit of cleaning the bottom side of the conveyor belt.

Abrasion resistance and wear life at least 3X longer than steel.

Sheds Material

Urathon Return Rolls are your solution for shedding sticky material and maintaining proper belt tracking. These self-cleaning rolls require no maintenance, letting you focus on the primary goals of your operation and reducing your downtime. Urathon Return Rolls are a perfect alternative for wet applications where clay or other materials tend to cake on to steel cans. The non-stick properties of the polyurethane material used in Urathon Return Rolls ensures that unwanted wet material won’t bond to the idler.

Urathon Return Rolls are your solution for shedding sticky material.

Lasts 3X Longer Than Steel

Urathon Return Rolls deliver a healthy return on investment in numerous applications where the use of traditional rolls has resulted in material buildup, tracking challenges, belt damage and premature component failure. Urathon Return Rolls last 3X longer than steel rolls, lessening your maintenance costs and reducing your operation’s downtime. Steel rolls have the potential to bloat, getting so heavy that they stop rolling, causing the belt to slide over them until it rips or sustains other damage.

CEMA Rating:B, C, D and E
Roll Diameter:5″, 6″ and 7″
Belt Width:18″ – 96″

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