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The World’s Best-Selling Telescopic Radial Stacker

The TeleStacker® Conveyor is the best selling telescopic conveyor in the world. More than 1,400 units have been sold since the telescopic radial stacking conveyor was first designed and manufactured in 1997. The TeleStacker Conveyor eliminates material segregation by stockpiling materials in windrows to ensure the stockpile meets spec.

Our commitment to make innovation for our customers has kept us improving this product and listening to feedback from dealers and people who are using it in the field.  No competitor comes close to this machine’s capacity to stockpile up to 5,000 tons of
material per hour.


An uneven conveyor structure is one of the leading causes of belt mistracking for radial telescopic conveyors. With the addition of our new FD Auto Level — new and exclusive technology — the telescopic stacker automatically maintains a level head pulley while in radial travel mode. The technology is standard on all FD Axle model TeleStacker Conveyors with PilePro™ Automation.

Safety is our top priority at Superior, not only for our own production employees, but for the owners and operators of our machinery. To ensure maximum structural integrity, all TeleStacker Conveyors are equipped with our patented FB® Undercarriage. The engineered undercarriage provides maximum conveyor support and the best possible rigid lateral stability. Load sharing hydraulic cylinders add even greater structural support and safety.

conveyor automation PilePro™ Automation

  • In-house automation engineers reduce reliance on third parties.
  • Step by step program is easy to setup and understand.
  • Exclusive zoning technique builds higher volume stockpile on same footprint.


FD Axle

  • Watch our new patented Auto Level in action.
  • Hydraulically transfer from inline to radial in seconds.
  • Invented in 1997 with more than 800 built since.
  • Enclosed planetary drive protected from debris.
  • Walking beam suspension properly balances load.

XTP Swing Axle

  • Physically transfer from road to operation in minutes.
  • Recommended concrete pad provides level runway.
  • Pull t-handle to engage power travel; no chain drive.
  • Pivoting walking beam aligns tires for no scuffing.

Pit Portable Axle

  • Made from heavy duty fabricated steel.
  • High capacity, highest tonnage applications.
  • Tires shift for towing throughout site.
  • Swing (shown) or fold down configurations.
210ft Telestacker® Conveyor next to 170ft version, by Superior Industries

TeleStacker Conveyor
Even Bigger

For maximum tonnage in your stockpiles, we recently completed design and manufacturing work on a 210-ft (64m) TeleStacker® Conveyor.

The longest ever constructed in the world, this telescoping radial stacker is capable of piling up to 400,000 tons (362,873 mT) of material in a single, kidney bean-shaped stockpile. That’s 30% more than any other portable stacker available on the market today.

Best of all, this TeleStacker® Conveyor is road portable. Owners and operators can tow the 109-ft (33m) package in a single load down the highway.

TeleStacker Conveyor
Road Ready In A Matter of Minutes

Watch a 136TSLP Telestacker® Conveyor changing from road transport to operation in a manner of minutes. The LP (Low Profile) models have extra-quick setup. Assembly is simple and quick because it has the FD Axle and the integrated pivot base. Just another reason Superior’s FD axle sets the standard. Safe. Swift. Simple.

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