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TeleStacker™ Conveyors by Superior Industries
TeleStacker® Conveyor 210 ft vs 170ft - by Superior Industries

TeleStacker® Conveyor

For maximum tonnage in your stockpiles, we recently completed design and manufacturing work on a 210-ft (64m) TeleStacker® Conveyor.

The longest ever constructed in the world, this telescoping radial stacker is capable of piling up to 400,000 tons (362,873 mT) of material in a single, kidney bean-shaped stockpile. That’s 30% more than any other portable stacker available on the market today.

Best of all, this TeleStacker® Conveyor is road portable. Owners and operators can tow the 109-ft (33m) package in a single load down the highway.

Just for comparison, see how it stacks up next to our 170 foot version in the photos below.

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