Portable Radial Stacking Conveyor

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Portable Radial Stacker Conveyor by Superior Industries

Radial Stacking Conveyor

Superior created the industry standard in Portable Radial Stacking Conveyors with more sizes and options available than anyone else. Our Portable Radial Stacking Conveyors are engineered to be the quickest from road transportation to field operation. They are equipped with a heavy duty undercarriage for stability, safety, and support.

In-house engineers calculate and design truss to your specific application needs. We provide portable radial stackers as your straight-forward, cost-effective solution with custom options and features.


Superior created the industry standard in Portable Radial Stacking Conveyors.

Slide-Stac™ Conveyors are specially designed to slide one on top of the other for transport, saving you on shipping costs. Slide-Stac Conveyors include engineered truss supports that head end rollers for an effortless glide to and from stacked mode.

Slide-Stac Conveyors only require one operator for setup or teardown, helping you save time and labor costs. We offer 60’, 70’, and 80’ options with capacities up to 1,200 tons per hour.

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