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Razerlink® Mobile Conveyor by Superior Industries

Razerlink® Truck Unloader

A multi-functional machine, the Razerlink® Truck Unloader accelerates material handling in a number of applications including barge loading and unloading, railcar loading, highway construction projects, and heap leach operations. With fully mobile tracks, the remote-controlled unit can move freely about your site.

Superior engineers designed the machine with the intent of combining mobility with telescoping conveyor technology in order to reduce downtime and speed up the transfer of material. Material spec is maintained because the unloading bed is connected directly to the conveyor. You can choose from a number of custom options to ensure that your unit is engineered specifically to the standards of your project.


The unit’s modular steel ramps remove the need for operators to create earthen ramps, cutting down setup time by hours. The ramps reduce unload times too—as little as 60 seconds per truck load. To minimize spillage issues Superior engineers designed the ramps with a patented hopper hinge, allowing the ramp arms to rise to a vertical position and dump any spilled material onto the conveyor. You’ll save time and cancel headaches with these smoothly operating unloading ramp

Perfect for applications requiring flexibility and maneuverability, the Razerlink® Truck Unloader is equipped with mobile tracks. Remote-controlled by an on-site operator, the unit can be repositioned within the application in seconds. Make your site more mobile with equipment t

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