Slide-Stac™ Conveyor

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Slide-Stac™ Conveyor by Superior Industries

Slide-Stac™ Conveyors

Known as our Slide-Stac™ Conveyors, this set of three conveyors in one load, is equipped with portable radial stacking conveyors. Designed with a robust truss , a unique set of head end rollers effortlessly glide one conveyor on or off of the stacker beneath it.


Most of the market is familiar with stackable transfer or jump conveyors. These three-packs, stacking one on top of the other, have been around for decades. As a next step to that product line’s evolution, Superior developed a similarly packaged set of conveyors, but for stacking applications instead of transferring materials.

Available in lengths of 60 or 70 feet (18.3 or 21.3 meters), each stacker is equipped with a variable height undercarriage for multiple pile capacities.

VIDEO: Transport to Operational Mode

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