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Slide-Pac™ Conveyor by Superior Industries

Slide-Pac™ Conveyors

These variable height portable transfer conveyors are specially designed to roll one on top of the other for transport, saving you on shipping costs. Slide-Pac Conveyors include engineered truss supports and head end rollers for an effortless, stable glide to and from stacked mode. No dangerous picks or lifts common to traditional “stackable” conveyor designs.


Slide-Pac™ Conveyors only require one operator for setup or teardown, helping you save time and labor costs associated with jump conveyor installation. We offer 60, 70, and 80 foot (18.3, 21.3, and 24.4 meter) lengths, with belt capacities up to 1,200 tons per hour.

 VIDEO: Returning to Transport Position

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